Aug 31, 2010

At the Bank (Auf der Bank)

Where is a Bank?                                            Wo ist eine Bank?
I want a traveler’s cheque.                               Ich möchte einen Reisescheck.
I want to draw some money.                            Ich möchte Geld abheben.
I must open an account at this bank.                 Ich muss ein Konto bei dieser Bank eröffnen.
coin                                                                die Münze
banknote                                                        die Banknote
to pay off                                                        auszahlen
small change                                                    kleines Geld/Kleingeld
hard cash                                                        bares Geld
to change money                                             Geld wechseln/umtauschen
bank account                                                  das Konto
to open a bank account                                   ein Konto eröffnen
share, stock                                                    Aktie
banking capital                                               das Kapital
expenses                                                        die Unkosten
receipt                                                            die Quittung
transfer                                                           die Überweisung

German Pronunciation Rules

Writing system

German is written using the Latin alphabet. In addition to the 26 standard letters, German has three vowels with Umlaut, namely ä, ö and ü, as well as a special symbol for "ss", which is only used after long vowels or diphthongs, the Eszett (ß).



a: ah as in the a in father
e: a sort of cross between the English short e and the English long a
i: a sort of cross between the English short i and the English long e
o: the English long o
u: the Englihs long u (as in the oo in root)

b:same as English
c:English hard c
d:same as English
f:same as English
g:English hard g
h:is sounded (like the h in hat)
j:like the y in yet
k:same as English
l:same as English
m:same as English
n:same as English
p:same as English
r:same as English
s:same as English
t:same as English
v:like the f in fat
w:like the v in vest
x:same as English
y:same as English
z:the ts sound

Special Letter:
ä: a cross between the English a in cat and the English a in mat
ö: sort of like the ir in stir, but not exactly
ü:a cross between the short i and short u. Difficult to explain
ß:Like the s in sat

Vowel combonations:
ai:like the y in my
au:like the ow in cow
äu:like the oy in employ
ei:like the y in by
ie:like the e in me

Consonant combonation:
st:when at the begining of the word, sht
ch:sort of like the ch in the Scottish word loch

qu [kv]


* b = [ p ] at the end of a syllable or before s or t, [ b ] before a vowel
* ch = [ χ ] after a, o or u, [ k ] when followed by a, o or u at the beginning of a word, [ ç ] elsewhere
* d = [ t ] at end of a syllable or before s or t, [ d ] before a vowel
* e = [ ə ] in unaccented syllables
* g = [ k ] at end of a syllable or before s or t, [ g ] before a vowel, [ ʒ ] in some loanwords, ig = [ iç ]
* h when appearing after a vowel, makes the vowel long, [ h ] elsewhere
* j = [ ʒ ] in loan words, [ j ] elsewhere
* r = [ɐ], e.g. fort [fɔɐt] or silent, e.g. Haar [haː], between a vowel and a consonant, [ʁ] or [ʀ] elsewhere
* s = [ z ] between vowels, [ ʃ ] before t or p at the beginning of words and [ s ] elsewhere
* v = [ v ] in loan words
* y = [ y ] in words derived from Greek, [ i ] or [ j ] elsewhere
* dsch, ph, qu and y only appear in loan words


Aug 25, 2010

Hobbies (Hobby)

What are you doing in your laisure time?                   Was machen Sie in Ihrer Freizeit?
I spend my leisure time in front of TV or PC.            Ich verbringe meine Freizeit vor dem TV oder vor dem Computer.
I usually spend my leisure time at home.                   Meistens verbringe meine Freizeit zu Hause.
I spend my time with friends and I organize parties.  Ich verbringe meine Freizeit mit Freunden und mache Partys.
I never stay in house at the end of the week.             Am Wochenende bin ich nie daheim.
Sometimes, Saturday I go out with my friends to drink something.  Manchmal gehe ich samstags mit Freunden aus, etwas trinken.
I gladly gather stamps/coins                                      Ich sammle gerne Briefmarken/Münzen
shells                                                                       Muscheln
Do you like to cook?                                               Kochen Sie gerne?
I cook daily/frequently/sometimes/now and then/rarely.   Ich koche täglich/oft/manchmal/ab und zu/selten.
I’m interested in…                                                  Ich interessiere mich für…
pets                                                                        Haustiere
art                                                                          Kunst
astrology                                                                Astrologie
planes                                                                     Flugzeuge
boats                                                                      Booten
billiards                                                                   Billiard
Bungy-Jumping                                                       Bungy-Jumping
horses                                                                    Pferde
travels                                                                    Reisen
dance                                                                     Tanzen
the Middle Ages                                                    das Mittelalter
geography                                                              Geografie
yachts                                                                    Yachten
history                                                                   Geschichte
cars                                                                       Autos
music                                                                     Musik
motorcycles                                                           Motorräder
pleasures groud                                                     Freizeitparks
fishing                                                                    Angeln
painting                                                                 Malerei
puzzles                                                                  Puzzle
the chess                                                               Schach
hunting                                                                  Jagd

Aug 16, 2010

Professions (Berufe)

Where are you working?                                 Wo arbeiten Sie?
I'm working in a factory/                                   Ich arbeite in einer Fabrik/
in a shop/farm                                                 einem Laden/auf einer Farm
I'm working at home.                                        Ich führe Heimarbeit aus./
                                                                        Ich arbeite von zu Hause aus.
actor                                                                Schauspieler
policeman                                                        Polizeibeamte
architect                                                          Architekt
lawyer                                                              Rechtsanwalt
librarian                                                           Bibliothekar
governess                                                       Kindermädchen
backer                                                             Bäcker
cashier                                                            Kassiererin
boiler maker                                                    Kesselschmied
surgeon                                                           Chirurg
singer                                                              Sänger
confectioner                                                    Konditor
merchant                                                         Kaufmann
book-keeper                                                   Buchhalter
tailor                                                               Schneider
pedagogue                                                     Erzieherin/Kindergärtnerin
electrician                                                       Elektriker
pupil                                                               Schüler
chemist                                                           Apotheker
barber                                                            Friseur
engineer                                                         Ingenieur
schoolteacher                                                 Lehrer
judge                                                              Richter
jurist                                                               Jurist
butcher                                                          Fleischer
doctor                                                            Artz
pediatrist                                                       Kinderartz
eye doctor                                                     Augenartz
employer                                                       Arbeitgeber
painter                                                           Maler
postman                                                        Briefträger
writer                                                             Schriftsteller
sculptor                                                         Bildhauer
secretary                                                       Sekretärin
stomatologist                                                 Zahnartz
student                                                          Student
overseer                                                        Aufseher
driver                                                            Chauffeur
carpenter                                                      Tischler
translator                                                       Übersetzer
seller                                                             Verkäufer
bricklayer                                                      Maurer

The house (das Haus)

How many rooms do you have?                      Wie viele Zimmer haben Sie?
dining room                                                    das Speisezimmer
two bedrooms                                                 zwei Schlafzimmer
bathroom, kitchen                                           das Bad, die Küche
lumber room                                                   Abstellraum
pantry, larder                                                 die Vorratskammer
living-room                                                     das Wohnzimmer
at ground floor                                               im Erdgeschoss
a block of flats                                               ein Wohnblock
a flat                                                              eine Wohnung

The age (Das Alter)

How old are you?                                           Wie alt sind Sie?
I'm 33 years old.                                             Ich bin 33 (Jahre alt).
How old do you think I am?                            Wie alt schätzen Sie mich?
younger than...                                               jünger als...
older than...                                                   älter als...
grown-up                                                        erwachsen
under age                                                      minderjährig

The family (Die Familie)

Are you married?                                            Sind Sie verheiratet?
Yes, I'm married.                                             Ja, ich bin verheiratet.
Where is your husband?                                 Wo ist Ihr Mann?
your brother/your brother-in-law                      Ihr Bruder/Ihr Schwager
sister                                                               die Schwester
step mother/step father                                   Stiefmutter/Stiefvater
my nephew's wedding                                     die Hochzeit meines Neffen
husband                                                          der Ehemann
wife                                                                  die Ehefrau
parents                                                            die Eltern
father                                                               der Vater
mother                                                             die Mutter
son                                                                  der Sohn
daughter                                                          die Tochter
boy                                                                  der Junge
girl                                                                   das Mädchen
grandfather                                                     der Groβvater
grandmother                                                   die Groβmutter
uncle                                                              der Onkel
aunt                                                                die Tante

What is the weather like? (Wie ist das Wetter?)

It looks like snow.                                           Es wird schneinen.
The sun is shining.                                        Es ist strahlender Sonnenschein.
It is warm/coolness/cold.                                Es ist warm/kühl/kalt.
Today is mist.                                                Heute ist es neblig.
The wind is blowing.                                      Der Wind weht.
It is snowstorm.                                              Es ist Schneesturm.
barometer                                                     das Barometer
twilight                                                           das Abendrot
flash of lightning                                            der Blitz
thunder                                                         der Donner
ice                                                                 das Eis
earthquake                                                    das Erdbeben
glazed frost                                                    das Glatteis
hail (stone)                                                    der Hagel
dog days                                                       die Hitze
air                                                                  die Luft
moon                                                             der Mond
mist                                                                der Nebel
rain                                                                der Regen
snow                                                              der Schnee
snowstorm                                                     das Schneegestöber/
                                                                      der Schneesturm
sun                                                                die Sonne
sunrise                                                          der Sonnenaufgang
sunset                                                           der Sonnenuntergang
solstice                                                          die Sonnenwende
star                                                                der Stern
shower                                                           der Schauer
dew                                                                der Tau
thaw                                                               das Tauwetter
temperature                                                   die Temperatur
clouds                                                            die Wolken

Figures (Zahlen)

zero                                                                null
one, first                                                         eins, der/die/das erste
two, second                                                    zwei, der/die/das zweite
three, third                                                      drei, der/die/das dritte
four, fourth                                                      vier, der/die/das vierte
five, fifth                                                          fünf, der/die/das fünfte
six, sixth                                                          sechs, der/die/das sechste
seven, seventh                                               sieben, der/die/das siebte
eight, eighth                                                   acht, der/die/das achte
nine, ninth                                                      neun, der/die/das neunte
ten, tenth                                                        zehn, der/die/das zehnte
eleven                                                            elf
twelve                                                             zwölf
thirteen                                                           dreizehn
fourteen                                                          vierzehn
fifteen                                                              fünfzehn
sixteen                                                            sechzehn
seventeen                                                      siebzehn
eighteen                                                         achtzehn
nineteen                                                         neunzehn
twenty                                                             zwanzig
twenty one                                                      einundzwanzig
thirty                                                               dreiβig
forty                                                                vierzig
fifty                                                                  fünfzig
sixty                                                                 sechzig
seventy                                                           siebzig
eighty                                                              achtzig
ninety                                                              neunzig
one hundred                                                   (ein) hundert
three hundred                                                 dreihundert
one thousands                                                (ein) tausend
one million                                                       eine Million
three million                                                     drei Millionen